Spending Fall in Paris

November is upon us, which means the weather is getting exceptionally chilly! For those of you living in Europe, you may have experienced the insane winds and rain we've had this past week due to Storm Ciaran. Please stay safe everyone!

I wanted to make a short post talking about what I've been up to in October, I hope you enjoy. 

Autumn Themed Cafe 

The New England area has the culture of apple picking, crunch fallen leaves, pumpkin spice and oversized sweaters. Living here in France, I have to be honest and say that I miss it a lot, especially since autumn is my favorite season. However, I came across this adorable café that does seasonal decorations and I think they absolutely nailed the fall aesthetic. 

It's called Le Jardin de Mademoiselle and it's located in the 7th Arrondissement, very close to the Hôtel des Invalides. When you first walk in, you can see the left half of the room is dedicated to selling seasonal items, and the right half is the actual cafe. There are only 10 chairs or so, so it's strongly advised that you book in advance if you'd like a table. I tried my luck and came on a Saturday afternoon with no reservation and got REALLY lucky, but the owner advised me that next time it would be wise to book.

They serve a variety of teas, pastries, scones and hot beverages, with various menu options. Things tend to change depending on the time of the year, but when I went I had their pumpkin spice latte, vanilla scones with cream and jam, hot chocolate, and maple cookies. I liked their pumpkin spice latte, but the real star was the scone!

I will say that, because these products are imported, the prices for merchandise there is more than I would be comfortable spending. However, they would make a nice gift for someone who's never tried things like apple butter, maple syrup, etc. 

Versailles... or not?

My friend Noor and I decided to go visit Versailles while her mother was visiting from Jordan, and we were luckily blessed with a beautiful day with crisp weather. We spent about one hour touring the palace, and despite it being Saturday I found that it wasn't as crowded as my previous visit in April with my parents. 

Unfortunately, the day was unexpected cut short. We entered the garden and had only been walking around for about 20 minutes when a woman came running with a loudspeaker, telling everyone to leave right away and that this was NOT a test. It was a very surreal moment, and I saw people start running from the corner of my eye. Though I was freaked out, I walked calmly to the exit and asked what was going on. 

Versailles (along with other places in Paris such as Gare de Lyon) had received a written bomb threat, and they promptly shut everything down. Though we were really disappointed to leave (especially after paying the 10 euro fee) I'm glad nothing happened and everyone was safe. 

Friends from Dijon

The weekend of the 21st, I had some friends come from Dijon that I haven't seen since my move back in May, so I was super excited! They came over and spent the night, and we stayed up late playing card games and talking. We also go to visit the Eiffel Tower and do a little sight seeing, which was fun!

Even though they are French, they haven't had the chance to take those typical tourist photos, so Guillaume and I brought them to our favorite spots for taking Eiffel Tower photos.

It's my 'little secret' that's not really a secret, but the two best places to take photos are on Champs de Mars and right along Avenue de New York in an area called 'Port Debilly'. You can find it on Google Maps by searching for the restaurant 'Don Juan II - Yachts de Paris'!

This month, I hope to share some more posts about my vintage clothing journey and some travels from the South of France, so stay tuned! Have a lovely week everyone :)