What I Wore to Work as an HR Intern

Hello friends!

I am finally finished with my internship and I thought it would be a fun idea to show you some of the outfits that I wore to the office. This year, one of my resolutions was to start building my dream wardrobe, and by that I meant that I wanted to buy clothes that I've always wanted to wear but felt too shy for.
I have always loved all thing vintage, and with my resolution in mind I started to acquire some vintage/vintage inspired pieces once I moved to Paris! 

I was originally very nervous to dress vintage in the office and worried that I might come off 'unprofessional', but after I finished my time with my previous company, I had several coworkers come up to me and specifically tell me they loved seeing my outfits at work. I got so many compliments on my clothes while working there, and coming to work everyday in a style I loved really increased my motivation. 

Please note that I do not receive any money from any of the links included, nor is this post sponsored in any way!

Dress: Tonval Peter-Pan Collar Bow Dress (out of stock, link to shop)

I ordered this dress from Aliexpress, and I was nervous about it because Aliexpress can be very hit or miss, and it's difficult to return things if it's the wrong size, color, etc, however I was so happy when I got this dress! It cost me around 25 USD and the fabric feels very high quality and sturdy. 

I got the shoes from Shein, and they are very comfortable, I can average around 8000 steps a day in these before my feet start to hurt. The only downside is that they scuff very easily and noticeably, so though you can't see it in the photo there are some scuffs around the ankle area where the color rubbed off. 

This orange piece is an original from the 1960s, I believe! When I saw it in the boutique I took one look at the color and thought 'Orange? I never wear orange.", but despite this original thought I decided to try it on just to see what it looks like on me! Though it was a bit tight on the waist, I fell in love with it and decided I had to have it. It's not visible in this photo, but this dress has sort of a 'scarf-like' piece of fabric around the neck that drapes in the back, making it 10x more elegant! I paid around 90 euros for this dress. 

My mother got me the Calvin Klein heels at Macys a few years ago when I was preparing for my first office job, so unfortunately I couldn't tell you how much they cost.

Dress: Vintage(?) from FREAK Catania

To this day I'm not sure if this dress is actual vintage! I bought this from a small vintage/modern shop when I was visiting Catania, Italy. This shop has a mix of rather recent pieces and old things, think from 1950s up to early 2010s, and when I asked an associate for a date for this dress, I was told they didn't know. Even so, it's very cute and has a mesh on the chest making it a bit more modest. I'm unsure of the price for this dress, so I'll say a safe 40 euros.

Since it's sleeveless, I pair it with this classic black cardigan from Shein and my white heels! The cardigan is a piece I use all the time so I highly recommend it. 

Two Piece Set: Knitted Fuzzy Two Piece 

This two piece set is SO adorable, I love the fluffy parts and the jacket is perfectly cropped. I will say that this set is warm and high quality, but the fabric has absolutely no stretch whatsoever, so if you're planning to order this I recommend sizing up! 

For the blouse, I got this basic sleeveless black top also from Aliexpress, and it goes great with anything.

This outfit is one of my favorites, it's definitely a go to when I have a night out and want to look nice! The red handband from Shein matches perfectly with the dress. Note that the dress does normally have a belt, but I think mine got lost when we were moving to Dijon and I haven't been able to find it since we arrived in Paris. Even without the belt it still looks lovely, though! 

The shoes I have are part of a custom collab with Macys, but this type of slingback heel is very common! I often wear it for work because the block heel makes it very easy to walk around in, yet still look elegant. 

Another lovely two piece from Aliexpress, this one in red plaid. This one has a bit more give than the previous set, but I recommend going up a size as well if you're considering buying it. Good news is that you can get the pieces separately if you just like the top or bottom! I paired it with the classic sleeveless shirt and knee high boots, along with nude tights.

The boots are actually from Amazon! I got them right before the pandemic hit, and so I 'broke them in' by walking around my room in them. The heel is a small block heel so they are pretty easy to walk in, I think I can do around 5000 steps in these before my feet start to hurt (provided I wear some thick socks!). I also like that they have a warm inner lining, making these great for winter. 

Shirt: Bought for 1 euro!
Sweater: H&M Red V-Neck Jumper (Similar)

The collared shirt I'm wearing under the red sweater I found while in a vintage/secondhand store in Palermo, however the location is unknown to me. I had only been there once and it was located in some back alley near Palermo station. I tried finding it on streetmap for you all but no luck :(

The pants are a must have for someone looking to create a pinup/rockabilly inspired wardrobe, so I highly recommend them! The shoes are also from Shein and have been a lifesaver. They have a bit of padding that makes them super comfortable, I often carried them in my work bag to change into before heading to the bus. 

Jacket: H&M Trench Coat (Similar)
Shirt: 1930s original silk blouse from Débardeuse Vintage Shop

This blouse is very special to me, I don't wear it out too often because I don't want it to be damaged, but it's one of my favorite pieces in my entire wardrobe. I found this cream colored silk blouse at Débardeuse Vintage Shop in Paris, and though I wasn't looking for a blouse when I walked in, when the shopkeeper presented it to me I KNEW I had to try it on! This store has a lot of expensive, real vintage items, so this blouse was a bit pricey at 80 euros. 

The buttons are the original pearls it was designed with and it's in pristine condition! I paired it with a red block skirt that's a great basic, and a nude colored trench coat. 

Dress: 1950s original cotton day dress from from Débardeuse Vintage Shop

Last but not least, this beautiful light blue day dress also from Débardeuse! This piece caught my eye and when I pulled it off the rack to show to Guillaume, he said 'I love it!'. Once I heard something like that, I knew I had to get it. I like that this dress is very light and flowy, witha hidden clasp around the waist and a button up top, making it very easy to slip on and off. 

The dress wasn't cheap though, costing me about 150 euros. Original vintage sometimes tends to be priced like that, especially when in good condition!

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you'd like to see more outfit related content in the future! See you all soon!