BERLOOK: Try on Haul and Wishlist

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to share a bit about a sustainable brand that recently contacted me called Berlook! In this post I'll review a few of their pieces, tell you about the brand, and list my wishlist items for next time. 

Disclaimer: I received the following products for free from Berlook for this review. Any links you click in this post are NOT affiliated and I do not receive income if you click them. I am not affiliated with any sales or discount codes with BERLOOK. All opinion are my own honest thoughts!

What is Berlook?

Berlook is a relatively new brand that came unto the sustainable fashion scene during COVID. They are a primarily swimwear focused brand, but have also launched clothing such as athletic wear, cover ups, bodysuits and loungewear! They also do offer a range of plus sized swimwear on their website!

Also, they are currently having a sale for Valentines Day: You can buy one suit get one 20% using the code LOVE20 or buy 2 get the 3rd 40% using the code LOVE40! Shipping is also free for purchases $79+ with all duties and taxes included.

How is Berlook sustainable?

Berlook's website states they use 100% natural or recyclable fabric when producing their collections, and they put a high emphasis on quality and ethical clothing production. Even the packaging they send their products in is sourced from plants and 100% compostable. 

They state that they are certified by the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and various ethical work organizations for all their production. They require the suppliers they work with to also get at least one ethical work production certification as well.

You can read more about their sustainability commitment and ethical production codes here and here!

I noticed that the tag of each thing I got came with a materials breakdown so I could see exactly what each garment was made from and the exact percentages, which I found so cool! 

For example, the fabric of the swimsuit I received was 90% Recycled Polyamide and 10% Spandex, while the lining was 87% Recycled Polyamide and 13% Spandex.

What I Got

Since it's February and swimming season is not yet upon us, I decided to get 2 bodysuits from their clothing line, and one white swimsuit from their swim line! BERLOOK is very big on swimwear so I knew that their suits would be high quality, but I was also curious about the look and feel of their clothing. 

Based on the measurements offered on the site, I decided to get the S size of all products shown below.

Textured Cutout One Piece Swimwear

When I saw this suit, I adored the textured flower design and front clip, I thought that this would be both a cute and slightly more 'covered up' type of swimwear. 

I'm not really a bikini girl myself so I was interested in finding a one piece that would be flattering! BERLOOK has a lot of different styles, but as everyone knows I'm super into vintage fashion so I tried to choose one with a bit of a 'retro' feel.

Fabric wise, it feels super smooth and is well lined. The bra part is padded lightly, not too much that it sticks out or moves too much during wear or wash, which I appreciate! While trying this on, I was a little nervous because I have a large bust and usually one piece swimsuits fit me a bit funny, but it actually fit very well!

The bottom part of the suit is a bit of a stronger V plunge than I was expecting so don't expect too much butt and front coverage. All in all, I really like this suit and will absolutely be wearing it this summer, perhaps with a cover up (which BERLOOK sells!).

I ordered both a black and white bodysuit, one with long sleeves and one short! The white bodysuit is made of 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex, so it has a smooth, subtly ribbed, and comfortable feel when wearing. 

I would say that the white bodysuit is a bit difficult to wear a bra with because it shows through the fabric clearly, even if you're wearing a nude bra. It's also very flush against the skin, so it shows every curve you have (good or bad!) so keep this mind. The fabric isn't thick so it's good for Spring/Summer wear! 

The black bodysuit ended up being my favorite of the two, and I find myself wearing it a lot! It's really comfortable, and the best thing about it is that the actual bodysuit area is not super tight and pulling the entire day.

I've worn several bodysuits where the suit part where you clip in was super tight and difficult to clip, but both the white and black bodysuits had a long 'thong style' strap in the back that clipped easily to the front. It also helped me to distinguish which side is the front and which is the back, since BERLOOK doesn't add clothing tags in the neck area (which may be a plus for some people!)

Both of the suits have this deep U neck cut in the back, which I found very cute and flattering! You can dress this either up or down, I've styled them with a blazer and slacks for interviews, and simple jeans or a cardigan to keep it casual.

I'm very happy with the quality of all the items. I do think the prices are a bit higher than other international online shops, however these prices mean that the fabrics can be sustainably sourced the workers fairly compensated, so I'd happily pay them.

To end this post, I've compiled a small 'wish-list' of things that I would choose when shopping from Berlook again!


Currently priced at €35

Currently priced at €42

Thanks so much to BERLOOK for sending me such a lovely package and thank you for reading!