My Favorite Vintage Stores in Paris

Last year, I began to build my vintage wardrobe essentially from scratch. I have dabbled in vintage clothing and fashion history throughout my teens, but never truly had a collection of true vintage clothing, and so with my new years resolution in mind, I explored Paris in the hopes of finding some gems!

Here are a list of vintage stores I have visited several times, and my thoughts about each. For some of them I have included price ranges, but note that the ranges I give are purely based on my experience and you could find something super cheap or way more high end if you actually visit! I hope this list is helpful to any vintage lovers out there and -- enjoy!

Note: This post is NOT sponsored in any way, just wanted to share some shops I love!

(click the name of each shop to get a google maps link!)

Miss Sugar Cane

Located in the 17th arrondissement, Miss Sugar Cane is an adorable woman owned vintage store that has clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags from the 40s to the late 80s. 

They have been open for 3 years, so they are. are a relatively young store with new stock coming in every week. The owners personally stock the store and curate the pastel pink aesthetic, and they also run the front desk! 

Good note for any significant others that may be accompanying you: there is a comfy sofa for them to sit on while you're in the fitting room! 

There is a mixture of both vintage and handmade jewelry for sale that one of the owners creates herself. They also have a collection of vintage undergarments in amazing condition, which can be hard to find! 
Price Range: According to the owner, clothing prices start from 25€ and can go up to 200€ depending on the piece. There is a big diversity in the range of brands sold here, some are big brands such as YSL and Dior, and others are tagless. All clothing and footwear is sold in impeccable condition.

English speaking? Yes! The owner(s) can speak English! 

Address43 Rue des Dames, 75017 Paris

Debardeuse Vintage Shop

Debardeuse is a tiny boutique filled to the brim with vintage treasures; truly a hidden gem! They have been in business for almost 5 years and also do sales online both in France and internationally via their Etsy store.  

They stock new products every day, and the shop staff (who I believe is also one of the owners) let me know that they have around 450 clothing pieces in store and a reserve of almost 5000 items! The items range from designer pieces to tagless items. They stock items from the 30s up until the late 80s. I actually bought an amazing 30s pearl blouse in incredible condition, and the shop staff was very knowledgeable about the piece and its history.

They work with a variety of TV and film production companies and often rent out their pieces to them. For example, they recently provided some vintage pieces to Netflix to shoot the previous season of Emily in Paris! 

Price Range: The shop staff quoted me that their clothing prices start at around 30-50€ and can go up to several thousand for unique pieces.  Most of their pieces stay in reserve so feel free to communicate what you're looking for to the staff and they can absolutely find something for you in their collection. 

They also sell a lot of fantasy style jewelry (think steampunk style) along with vintage ones.

English speaking: Somewhat. The staff states that he speaks some English. 

One thing I like about Debardeuse is that they label their clothing transparently with both the price and the decade of the piece, which helps identify them for those who are looking for a certain era. 

Address16 Rue la Bruyère, 75009 Paris

Celia darling

Celia darling is a vintage store just around the corner from Debardeuse, and the shop is run by the various staff and the owner who curates the items. They have been in business for 14 years. 
According to the staff, the owner finds new things almost every day, so the stock is constantly being added to. 

Brand wise, this store is more high end, with brands such as Moschino and Prada, but there are a few handmade, tagless items scattered around the store. 

They stock late 50s clothing up to the early 90s, though the 50s pieces are not as common. A unique thing about Celia darling is that they also sell vintage childrens clothing, and despite not having children myself, I found myself super tempted to buy something. 
Price Range: Given that this store is more focused on luxury brands, the prices definitely reflect that. According to staff, the cheapest clothing item in store is 75€, with the most expensive being around 200€. 

English speaking: Yes! The shop staff speaks English. 

Address5 Rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris
Instagram: @celiadarlingvintage

Rose Market Vintage

Rose Market Vintage is both a physical and online vintage store with a wide range of clothing, shoes, bags and specialty items. When you walk in, you're immediately confronted with racks and racks of lovely vintage clothes, as well as items hanging from the walls. They've been in this space for 2 years, and the owner is always on site running things and talking with customers! 

Price Range: This store has the most range in price out of all the stores in this post, with some items starting as low as 60€, and the highest priced item in store being around 1000€.

There's a good mix of high end brands and even some couture pieces, but this isn't the kind of store that has handmade or label-less items. In terms of eras and aesthetics, this shop focuses more on the 70s to the 90s, and new stock is added every month.

Rose Market Vintage also buys vintage clothing if you have any higher end pieces you'd like to sell!

English speaking: Yes! The shop staff speaks English.

Address19 Rue Milton, 75009 Paris
Online shop: Link

I hope to make another post to share some more shops I love, but for now I'll leave it here. Thanks so much for reading and happy shopping!