I Got Accepted Into Waseda University!

I'll try keep this post super brief, but yesterday while I sat on the plane coming back from my vacation in Florida I received an email congratulating me and welcoming me to Waseda!

Of course, I ended up crying my eyes out right before takeoff and probably concerning everyone around me. It was the best possible end to my vacation, and I feel so grateful for this opportunity.

I was going to attach a photo of the email here, but I realized the advisor that sent it to me made a spelling error and it kind of just makes the vibe a lot more funny, so instead please just take my word for it! lol

Speaking seriously, my journey to Waseda was the inspiration for starting this blog. Since the moment I stepped foot into my home university, UAlbany, I knew I wanted to study abroad. When I heard they had an amazing school like Waseda I was dead set on getting in. Waseda had a reputation among my Japanese department for only picking 3 students a year, but I knew I was going to be one of them.

From day one I studied hard, and I wrapped up my last semester before my study abroad with a 3.95 GPA.

I am over the moon about the acceptance, and I really feel like this is the beginning of my life.

All my late hours studying, the countless notebooks I've filled with vocabulary and grammar have all cultivated to this moment: my acceptance. It's crazy to think about right now but in July I'll get the paperwork to apply for my Visa, and in September I'll be flying out.

In a few short months I will be living across the world, attending one of Japan's top universities and really living my dream.

I'd like to thank everyone reading my blog for accompanying me on this journey, and I hope to make many more posts about my life in Japan.