Vegan Eats in North Carolina

So I'm down in NC for a few days and I wanted to share what I've been eating!

Bean Vegan Cuisine

I went here today and the food was absolutely phenomenal. I had the Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of fried pickles and I was in heaven! It was so good I ate it and forgot to take a photo. For dessert, I shared a strawberry cheesecake slice with my dad. The whipped cream on top is made of coconut cream and it was incredible! I highly recommend this place!

The staff was friendly but not attentive, so you'll have to call for your waiter every time you need service of any kind. Other than that, this place was a dream and it even has a market that's open a few days a week!

Hickory Station

This place is not really vegan friendly but their one vegan option is their pizza. I ordered my pizza without cheese and got the basil pesto sauce. As for toppings I got roasted red peppers, spinach and caramelized onions. It was super filling and yummy, and the restaurant has such an amazing atmosphere. They also have a little shop as well, but the items are really overpriced so beware!

Lunas Living Kitchen

This was the first vegan place I went to in Charlotte, since it was only a few minutes away from the airport. I liked the decor and it seemed pretty hip and trendy, which means my non-millennial parents stuck out like a sore thumb. I went on Sunday and was given a brunch menu, which I was sad about because I really wanted to check out the regular menu options. I got the tomato tart with cashew cream, and I thought it was fresh and filling. My mom got the veggie burger wrapped in a collard green.

My dad wasn't so lucky. 

He ordered the oatmeal and it came in a super tiny bowl. The portions are really hit or miss here, and everything is expensive so beware of that. Not only that, but the cushion seats have not been washed in a VERY long time and had stains everywhere. I'm not super squeamish but even I had a hard time sitting there.