Daily Life: A New Family Member!

For those who follow me on Snap chat, you've probably seen videos of the tale I'm about to tell.

The last night I was in North Carolina, I pulled into the hotel parking lot only to see a cat standing in the middle of the road. I got out and it started meowing at me, so I quickly called out to my Mom and sister to come see the cat. Long story short, within the first 20 minutes of being with the cat we had already come to realize three things.

  1. This cat was adorable
  2. This cat had been abandoned here
  3. We needed to take her home
My mother and I rushed to the emergency vet a few moments away, putting the cat in a cardboard cat carrier box, and had her checked out. The good news: she was healthy. The bad: We weren't sure if we could take her on the plane with us to New York. Frantic, I called Delta airlines to find out their policy, and thankfully they allowed us to take the cat home with us.

At the emergency vet we decided her name: Coraline.

All of these events transpired without the knowledge of my father, who was sleeping at a friends house. The next day we go to pick him up before heading to the airport and he quickly spotted the cat in the car. He flipped, like we knew he would. Somehow we convinced him to give Coraline a chance once we got back to New York, and if he didn't like her we'd give her to a nearby animal shelter.

As soon as Coraline met Dad, it was over. 

We originally were going to keep her in the bathroom before we could take her to see our usual cat doctor in NY, but he advocated for letting her explore the house. He loved her, we loved her, and the decision was made: Coraline was here to stay.

Our other cat, Frankie, passed away a few years ago. I never thought a new cat would ever be in the cards for us, but Coraline nuzzled her way into our hearts and we couldn't let her go. She's about 1 and a half years old, likes long naps on the sofa and snuggles every single person who walks through our front door.

Welcome to the family Coraline!