Daily Life: Pool Party and Vincent's Birthday

I realized on July 1st I never did an end of June photo dump, but I figured I had way too many photos to cram it all into one post. Last weekend Vincent and I ended a birthday party for his twin cousins, and then had a fun day in the city to celebrate his birthday. I guess you could call this a 'beginning of July photo dump'? 

On Saturday we went to the pool party. I was feeling a little under the weather so I didn't bring my suit because I didn't think I was going to go in the water (spoiler: I did).  I got some shots of Vincent playing with his cousin and maaaayybbbbeee I'm obsessed with my boyfriend but doesn't he look killer???? 

What a cutie!!!

He looks like one of those lifeguards from those hot summer movies!!! haha

Trying to fit himself in the tiny donut

As for Sunday, we went to the city to celebrate Vincent's birthday. He turned 20! Yay~!

I made a reservation for 212 Steakhouse because Vincent really wanted to try Kobe beef. I made this reservation a few days before I turned vegan, so I knew I was setting myself up for a very non-vegan friendly situation. More about that later.

Before that, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and walked around for almost 3 hours.

Vincent trying to find the Japan exhibit

I said 'Oh wow jade!' and Vincent replied with 'Just wait until we get to the China department. You'll be seeing jade everywhere.'

I love this Picasso picture but then I read the side blurb that said 'It was a portrayal of his 17 year old muse and lover' meanwhile he was in his 40's. Instantly creeped out.

While at the MET I think I officially found my favorite artist! I love love love the use of colors and detail this artist uses. It reminds me of Wes Anderson, but also kind of like Sailor Moon? 

This is coming from someone who's never seen a Sailor Moon episode in her life, but something about the gold usage in these paintings totally give me that vibe. These are just close ups of the actual paintings.

These are some close ups of her work! 

When we walked around some of the European art places I came across this beautiful photo in a frame. I told Vincent 'All photos of me that you have must be put in a frame like this.' 

Close up

Vincent and I love this piece and watched a video that analyzed it.
 I didn't take many photos in the Japan section because for the most part it was quite dark. But there was a lovely little garden area I liked!

After we walked around for hours I was so tired. We went to Central Park and I actually fell asleep on the bench! That's how tired I was. Vincent was antsy though so we got up and WALKED to the restaurant from the MET. It was like 34 city blocks!

A tired but happy Vincent
Vincent got 5oz of Kobe beef, and I got a vegetarian risotto. It had butter in it and I was really really not excited to eat it. I didn't even take a photo of it. 

For an appetizer we had these zucchini chips that were AMAZING! I'm already trying to imagine ways to vegan-ify the dipping sauce they came with.

Vincent said the steak was the best he's ever had, but it came at a hefty price tag.

After eating a few bites of the zucchini with the dipping sauce I got a raging headache that was only made worse by the greasy risotto I ate. I was pretty unhappy, and I really tried to make my meal vegan but I also didn't want to be too difficult on Vincent's special day.

I paid the price in pain though. My whole body felt disgusting and heavy, and my head was throbbing for the next 24 hours. Not only that, but the meal wasn't even good. I really did not miss animal products, and this meal really opened up my eyes to tell me I was on the right track becoming vegan. 

Thanks for reading this post! I've been posting a lot of daily life things recently so I hope you enjoy it!