Movie Reviews: My Life as a Zucchini, Little Sister and More!

Hi! This is a sort of new segment I'm trying out here because I started keeping track of all the movies I watch. I love having a list of everything I have seen and want to see, and I wanted to share a bit of that with you! 

These are going to be short, less than 100 words per film, reviews about films I've seen recently! It was expose you to new films you might like or it may address something that's already your favorite. I hope you like this post ^^

The House of Small Cubes (2008)

This is a short film by Kunio Katou that depicts an old man living in cube shaped apartments he has stacked up over the years to avoid the rising sea level. 

One day, whilst moving to his next apartment, he drops his beloved pipe down the hatch and it falls into one of the lower levels underwater. He ventures to go find it, and relives the memories of the apartments he once inhabited. 

The film is only 12 minutes long and you can find it easily on Youtube. I would have loved to see this same film extended some more because I adore the cube houses idea and love the art style, but the run time really was appropriate and they managed to get some incredible emotion in those 12 minutes.  

This short film really tugs at your heart strings, so that's my warning to you.

My Life as a Zucchini (2016)

I've been itching to see this French film since I heard about it's initial release. I am a major lover of everything Claymation, and even so this movie was so stunning it took my breath away. 

It was even nominated for a Golden Globe! I believe it may have won an Academy Award as well. 

As for the summary: This movie depicts the life of young Icare, who's mother called him 'Courgette', after he is admitted to an orphanage. There he meets an entire cast of characters, each with their own unique story. He gradually builds an unbreakable bond with everyone there, and learns about family and being loved.

The eye for detail and the smooth and colorful animation is impossible not to admire. In the opening scene alone the pencils beside Courgette were just so incredibly realistic and detailed. 
I found this film online with French dub and English sub. There is also a Chinese dub out there I found by mistake! 

Little Sister (2016)

Soon-to-be official nun Colleen hasn't returned home in the past 3 years, until she receives an email from her Mother saying her brother is finally home from the war in Iraq. 

She leaves the nunnery for a few days to visit home, and her room is exactly how she left it as a teen: all black and totally goth. In an effort to reconnect with her brother, she transforms into the Colleen of the past. In the 6 days she's home we learn about her tangled family dynamic through some seriously biting dialogue, and ultimately: learn about forgiveness.

I liked this film because they didn't make Colleen into some manic pixie chick, and for the most part she stuck to her roots of who she really was. I think the relationship between her and her mother was not only incredibly difficult to watch but also so realistic.

I hope this post gave you some new films to add to your watchlist! <3