Daily Life: Turning 20

Breaking news: my teen years have officially come to a close. 

On Saturday evening, at 7:20 pm, I turned 20 years old. 

I don't have too much to say about turning 20 because it just happened, but I don't feel any different. I felt different when I turned 18, like I was bordering on becoming a real adult, but I'm feeling generally the same as a newly 20 year old woman. When I woke up on Saturday, it felt like any other weekend. That is until my parents came in with balloons and sang Happy Birthday (a tradition that happens every single year).

In the car with Jennie and Charis, I recall looking over to Jen and asking what day it was, and then facepalming a second later when I said 'Duh, it's the 29th. My birthday'. Not sure if that attests to how forgetful I am or what....

In all seriousness though, I have now joined the roaring 20's club. As a new member I promise to make these next 10 years the best of my life~! I'll take lots of photos, make lots of memories, meet lots of people, and as terrifying as it is to say this: I'll grow up.

I say 'I'll grow up' because I don't feel grown up yet. I still get nervous crossing the street. I don't really know what a 401k is or how to balance a checkbook. On that note: I don't even have a checkbook.

I spent my day in the city with my good friends Jennie and Charis, along with my parents. We went to Sephora, Kinokuniya and Urban Outfitters, just to do some casual shopping. I ended up buying a few things, just some pens and a bit of makeup for my eyebrows. 

The fun part was taking photos and documenting our day in the city through photos.

For dinner, we made a reservation at Hangawi, which is a Korean restaurant that is vegan friendly! Honest to god, I wanted to try everything on the menu.

The atmosphere was so relaxed and the waitstaff wore cute renditions of Korean traditional wear (Hanbok). We had to take off our shoes and sit at a table with a dip underneath, something my parents had never seen before.

I couldn't take many photos of the interior because the lighting wasn't the best, but I managed to get some great shots of the food!

Spicy baby dumplings (weren't spicy at all, but still good!)

Kabocha and Mung bean pancakes

Multi grain rice

For dessert, we all got a bunch of different things. I was staring off into space when a guy walks over with a gong and stick, and banged the gong.

With the entire restaurant looking over at me, a woman put a tiny candle in Charis' cheesecake and they all sang happy birthday. I thought it was really cute, and the guy rang the gong again at the end of the song~

Red bean and vanilla ice cream

The dessert was incredible. I would go back for dessert alone, that's how good it was. I really recommend you take a trip to Hangawi if you're in the area.

All in all, I had an amazing birthday. My next birthday will be while I'm in Japan, which I'm sure will be a VERY interesting post to write! (lol)

Thanks for reading and as always, have a great week!