Movie Reviews: Dear Lemon Lima, To The Bone and Punch Drunk Love!

So the previous movie reviews post got a fair bit of views so I decided to do another one! Keep in mind these are my opinions, I'm not a professional movie reviewer! Not all my reviews will be glowing, but I hope we can all get along and discuss our love for movies!

I'll try to keep my reviews as short as I can, but I feel like in this post I'll be going over the 100 word limit pretty easily! This post is meant to expose you to new films you might like, or to talk about classics you may want another perspective on! I hope you like this post ^^

Dear Lemon Lima (2009)

I'm starting with this film because it absolutely blew me away in every way possible. My favorite genre is artsy, angelic, kind of pure fun movies? I say this with a question mark because it is very very hard to pinpoint and I don't have many examples for the type of genre, but Dear Lemon Lima hits this right on the head. 

Picture Lolita, but no creepy old guy. Just a preteen girl living her life, expressing herself through her art, her hair color, and making friends.

Dear Lemon Lima is about a girl named Vanessa who is in love with a boy named Philip. Tragically, he breaks up with her about 5 minutes into the movie, and Vanessa begins a plot to get him back, while ultimately discovering who she really is and what she wants as an accidental byproduct. 

Vanessa evolves from a girl hopelessly in love, to a strong and independant female lead.

I absolutely adore this movie. I love everything about it. I love the use of color, I love the outfits, I think the script is brilliant and I can tell so much heart and soul was poured into this film by their attention to detail. This movie took me through every emotion: happy, sad, shocked, and in and out of love. 

The cover art for this movie seems a bit cringe, but I urge you to look this movie up and give it a watch.

To The Bone (2017)

I'm not the first person to post a review about To The Bone, Netflix's new movie, and I sure won't be the last. While I enjoyed the film in general, I do have one massive critique that I'll get into after I give a short summary.

To The Bone is about a girl named Ellen who has anorexia. She starts seeing a new doctor who suggests she lives in a monitored house where other people with eating disorders live. It's there where she begins to hit rock bottom, and it documents her struggling fighting her eating disorder.

I found this film to be pushing the envelope and at the same time not. I felt like I learned something, but at the same time I didn't. The main issue with this movie is that they took anorexia and made it a quirky teen romance film that was a little too 'The Fault in Our Stars'-esque for comfort. 

The movie ultimately suffers because of this. The director tries to push this relationship so much that the other characters in the house are just left as flat, background objects for a scene. We never discover what their deep issues are or what they stemmed from. The other girls in the house simply exist to fill the table at which they eat.

The character of Luke, the obnoxiously snarky and incredibly pushy love interest, was totally unnecessary and ultimately detracted from what this movie really should have been about: what an intense struggle and uphill battle it is to live with and try to recover from anorexia.

Punch Drunk Love (2002)

I've seen a few Adam Sandler movie, but I think this is one of the very few I've seen where his role wasn't funny. This movie took me by surprise, as I went in knowing nothing about it (I didn't even recognize Adam Sandler on the cover!)

Summary: A man named Barry, suffering from anger issues due to his seven sisters incessant teasing, finally finds love. 

This summary is incredibly vague on purpose. I don't want to give too much away but there is a lot of raw emotion and frustration packed into this movie, and telling too much of the plot might give too much away.

I want to speak briefly on how the character Barry absolutely just stabbed me in the heart. His character is almost innocent, he's trying so so so hard despite his inner struggles with his anger. 

Deep down, he's such a good man who doesn't want to hurt anyone, and my heart was really aching for him for most of this movie.  I've never encountered a character I felt so much pity for before, I really wanted to give him a hug in some scenes. Poor guy.

One very trippy thing they do in this movie is randomly have color blends and like screens of colors just like waving into each other as a transition. I didn't really get it, but it might be your thing!

Hope you liked this movie post! I might start posting reviews in groups of 3's!