Japanese Nail Salons

In this post, I'll do an in depth explanation on Japanese nail salons, and what to expect if you're going for a manicure in Tokyo!
The nail salon I frequent is Nail Salon Vian, which is located in Nishiwaseda, across the street from the Santoku Supermarket. They frequently offer deals on h…

10 Christmas Gift Ideas from Urban Outfitters

With Christmas so near, I thought it would be a good idea to throw together a gift giving mood-board of sorts! 

These gifts are things I've spoken about with friends or seen trending on social media as must haves. I chose Urban Outfitters because they have so many cute items that would make perf…

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The newest installation in the Animal Crossing series was just released within the past 24 hours to both the App and Play Store. I registered beforehand and got the app today, so I wanted to share a bit about what the beginning of the game looks like for players, and what to expect from this new game!

All uploaded screenshots are taken from the Version 1.0.0 of the game, so expect it to grow and change a lot as time passes! By the way, this game requires an Internet connection to play.

Studying Japanese via Reading - A Guide

Hey everyone! 
I've been looking into various ways to up my Japanese level, and when I asked around a LOT of people recommended me to spend more time reading. In the past, I've read books up until the 3rd grade level, which basically means I have the reading skill of an 8 year old. To chall…

My Favorite Instagrammers~!

My Insta! Details at the end of the post!

Hello~! I decided today I'm going to do a different style of post from what I've been doing these days (Japan-related/ Informative posts) and instead share some little things about me! In this post, I'm going to mention some of my favorite Instagram accounts that I follow. 

Disposable Camera Photo Dump

I finally got around to getting my disposable camera photos developed! So, I learned that basically you should keep the flash on at all times because about 1/3 of my photos turned out way too dark. Now I know for next time!

Taken on the Waseda Campus

Our Last Day in Nikko!

Today was a rainy day in Nikko! 

Yesterday we decided we would do kimono wearing and temple sightseeing today because the original weather forecast said it wasn't going to rain, however, about halfway into our kimono rental, the downpour began.
We didn't care though! We took over 300 photos…